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Subscription FAQ's

Where will my money go?

Your money will purchase verified carbon credit units, which are financial products, or ”certificates”  to offset your direct emissions.  One unit represents the removal or avoidance of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent green house gas emissions. A small percentage will go to ASC to pay our team and grow our reach.

Which carbon units are bought with my money?

We check the verification and value of all the carbon certificates we buy in the markets. ACCUs are the Australian carbon credit units and these come from a variety of projects such as agriculture, energy efficiency, industrial, savanna burning and waste projects.  We look for “co benefits”  in projects, for example which increase biodiversity with regeneration of vegetation, income streams for indigenous communities and improved soil health. We have a preference for nature-based solutions and will look to the international markets when appropriate and more affordable.

What do I get out of this?

You get your name on the honour roll alongside the great Pat Cummins, you get to sleep well at night and you get a really cool certificate to share with your friends and family.

You become part of our club. Simply, its the right thing to do.

I don’t really get it; what is a footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses that we generate and emit into the atmosphere, by our actions. For individuals this is made up of things like which car we drive, our home electricity, our holiday flights and what we eat. For sport events and businesses, its mostly things like the energy used for lighting and manufacturing, travel there and back, the construction of the stadium as well as waste.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log into using the email address that you used when you made your purchase, select your subscription and cancel.

Why is it a problem, again?

Global warming. Every fraction of a degree matters because as our global temperature rises, the consequences worsen. The UN Climate Agreement has set a target of keeping under 1.5 degrees increase in temperature to avoid drastic consequences.

Even though almost 80% of Australians are concerned about climate change and support net-zero carbon targets, Australia’s current national policy is regarded as severely insufficient by the international community.

Our (lack of) action is forecast to see us on track for over 2 degrees in warming by independent climate trackers. We must address the lion’s share of emissions cuts in this decade; this is regarded as the only credible climate action.

What else can I do to reduce my footprint?

Check out our “Carbon Neutral Me” page and the top 10 tips we share on what you can personally do. Make sure you also subscribe to our weekly tips on how to be more carbon neutral. Follow us on Instagram as we are always busy doing fun things with sports fans and stars to make the world a better place.

How much of an impact am I making?

Your annual emissions are equivalent to 637 large garbage bags of waste sent to landfill instead of recycled every year or, to put it another way, it would take around 248 tree seedlings grown for 10 years to remove just 1 year of your emissions. Might be time to do something?

There are lifestyle changes we can all make to reduce our carbon emissions. Take a pledge to reduce your impact. Offset your impact this year and come back again next year to re-do the challenge. Start today if you can.

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