Carbon Neutral me

Start to reduce your impact now, don’t wait for extra time – there isn’t any.

How do I be carbon neutral, myself?

Each of us needs to do our part. Just worrying about climate change, is not good enough. Tackle it head on. Take these easy steps to begin reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Measure

Consider everything you do. You travel, you commute, you keep cool in the summer and hot in the winter. You eat, consume, clothe, and entertain yourself. Think about these things and measure for yourself, using our Carbon Footprint calculator here. Understanding how to do these things in a climate-friendly way, is the start.


2. Reduce

Switch to renewables, recyclables, and reuse and reduce wherever you can. Here are our HOT TOP 10 TIPs so you can start right away.

3. Offset

You can neutralise your impact by purchasing carbon certificates here. You are paying for an activity that either prevents the release of emission or removes carbon dioxide elsewhere. This is measured and verified. We provide this service to complete the solutions. Fund. Footprint. Fix.

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